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I’m always interested to see who books the commercials I audition for. As one casting director once told me, we’re not just going on these auditions to fuck around and have fun. Oh, no! We’re doing them to become better ACTORS. That was right before he gave me a five-minute acting lesson, which really helped me bring more of myself to the role of “woman with low self-esteem who carries an enormous purse to look skinnier because that’s a thing women do.”

It is with this attitude of constant learning and growth as an artist, a craftswoman, that I watch and analyze the performances of those who were successful where I fell short. Case in point: I auditioned for the role of “woman walking down the street who sees the new version of her phone advertised on a billboard,” seen in the above Best Buy commercial at 0:14.  And though I have watched and rewatched this commercial dozens of times, though I have analyzed the subtle nuances of this woman’s performance, I still can’t figure out what she had that I didn’t. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE IT OUT!!!


本書は哲学における認識論と呼ばれる分野について、主に高校生の読者を念頭に置いて著された出色の入門書である。認識論は、「人生に如何に生きるべきか」を問うたり、あるいは、これからの「正義」の話をしたりはしない。それが話題とするのは「世界とは何か」といったような、一見何の役にも立たなそうな問いである。 世界について (岩波ジュニア新書)のTAさんのレビュー


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Hayley On The Cover of Cosmo!!!



Hayley’s gonna be on the May 2011 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, and she looks absolutely gorgeous! The magazine should be out soon, but we’re not entirely sure when. Keep an eye out wherever they sell magazines, and we’ll let you know when we find out an actual release date.

For now, check out the photos below. To see bigger photos and talk about how amazing Hayley looks, check out the boards HERE!


Inspector Cumulus has arrived.


Inspector Cumulus arrived at my house this morning all the way from Hong Kong. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen him “in the flesh” and he’s even better than I expected. Crazy Label have produced an amazing sculpt. Hats off to Andy and his team for doing such an incredible job of bringing my drawing to life. Here’s a few photos of him for your perusal. I don’t know the exact release date yet (or where he’ll be stocked) but rest assured as soon as I do I’ll let you know.

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